PURETi Transforms Surfaces into
Self-cleaning, Air Purifying Materials.


PURETi is, at its heart, a health care company. Towards that end we put safety first, welcome all questions and take all concerns seriously. We endeavor to be transparent, collaborative and scientifically rigorous in our approach. PURETi is a NASA Dual Use Technology Partner and winner of 6 environmental awards. PURETi has been successfully applied to 2+ million square feet of buildings and building materials. All PURETi products have been registered safe by the National Sanitation Foundation.

The active ingredient in PURETi is Titanium Dioxide or TiO2. PURETi solutions are manufactured in America to FDA approved specifications for quality control. PURETi products contain 98% - 99% water, 1% -2% TiO2 in both amorphous and crystalline form and a tiny fraction of wetting agents.

TiO2 is the ninth most common mineral on the planet, widely used in paints, cosmetics and food stuffs and has been extensively studied for its health and environmental impacts.

The US FDA has classified TiO2 as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) and the European Science Commission has determined TiO2 to be safe in all forms – active and inactive, nano and micro.

The National Sanitation Foundation has registered PURETi as safe for material surface contact. NIOSH has studied and found PURETi application methods to be safe.  PURETi solutions have passed the California Aquatic Toxicity Test.

PURETi is safe in the bottle, safe during application and safe once applied. There are no respirable powders with PURETi and near zero risk of human contact. Independent university tests have found that PURETi applied mineral films require great force to abrade and that if abraded, abrade in flakes larger than 100nm and above the threshold of concern.