PURETi Transforms Surfaces into
Self-cleaning, Air Purifying Materials.

How PURETi compares

PCO technology was first discovered in Japan in 1968 and the first photocatalytic products (self-cleaning ceramic tiles and glass) were introduced in 1998. These initial 1st generation products, made by melting powders of TiO2 into the outer layer with high heat and expensive equipment, were later joined by powder based smog reducing cement (TX Active) and coil coated aluminum cladding (EcoClean). The initial PCO coating products launched in 2000 and bonded TiO2 powders or sol gels by using various adhesives such as sodium silicate or siloxanes.

PURETi is a 3rd generation advance in PCO technology, discovered and manufactured in America, that is covered by 9 US patents and represents a true solution of water and TiO2 that is remarkably adhesive of its own accord. PURETi technology bonds to virtually any building surface more clearly and more thinly and with more crystals of TiO2 than any known competitor.

As a result, PURETi requires less light to work, delivers greater photocatalytic benefit and is more cost effective than any known competitor. Any 1st or 2nd generation PCO product can be produced with greater photocatalytic power and at lower cost with a simple spray application of PURETi.