PURETi Transforms Surfaces into
Self-cleaning, Air Purifying Materials.

Sustainable UV-PCO Technology

Transform Almost Any Surface into a Self-Cleaning Air Purifier to Save More and Clean Less

PURETi surface treatments deliver a level of sustainable self-cleaning, air purifying, and odor eliminating benefits never before seen in the world. The idea of using light to clean, not chemicals, may seem implausible or even too good to be true. However, as with all truly innovative technologies, PURETi surface treatments were developed through years of research and scientific breakthroughs. The end result is a family of products that greatly benefit the environment, while supplying the world with tangible, sustainable solutions to grime and foul material buildup, poor air quality, and odor.

PURETi UV-PCO technology is rooted in sound science and can be easily understood through some of the most fundamental properties of chemistry.


How We Compare

PURETi is a 3rd generation advance in PCO technology, discovered and manufactured in America, that is covered by 9 US patents


PURETi is applied to manufactured building materials and fixtures in factories or to the interior or exterior of the built environment.