PURETi Transforms Surfaces into
Self-cleaning, Air Purifying Materials.

Cristal and PURETi Announce Strategic Partnership

Promoting New Applications of CristalACTiV™ Photocatalytic Materials

HUNT VALLEY, MD and NEW YORK, NY (March 21, 2016) Cristal, a leading supplier of ultrafine titanium dioxide, and PURETi Group, a leading manufacturer of advanced photocatalytic surface treatments, today announced a joint technology and market development partnership to accelerate and promote applications of photocatalytic materials.

The numerous environmental benefits of light-activated titanium dioxide are well-documented.  In the presence of UV-A light, surfaces coated with photocatalytic TiO2 oxidize organic pollutants.  Photocatalytic surfaces resist the buildup of organic grime and also act as air purifiers that destroy airborne pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and nitrogen oxides (NOx), both harmful respiratory pollutants. 

PURETi has selected to partner with Cristal due to its long history of proven experience and its proprietary technology in environmental catalysts and photocatalysts.  CristalACTiV™ high quality ultrafine titanium dioxide technology will be integrated with PURETi’s own proprietary film formers to produce water-based solutions that can be spray applied to create self-cleaning, air-purifying surfaces both indoors and out.  Cristal and PURETi will work together to promote increased awareness and use of photocatalytic materials in a variety of industries including healthcare, facilities maintenance, education, hospitality, solar and automotive.

As part of the agreement, PURETi will exclusively use CristalACTiV™ ultrafine titanium dioxide in its full line of products. PURETi’s commercial products, including PURETi Clean & Fresh™, and will feature the CristalACTiV™ mark as a symbol of expertise and quality. 

Glen Finkel, PURETi’s co-founder and President stated, “The goal of our partnership with Cristal is to extend the environmental benefits of photocatalytic TiO2, including pollution control and indoor air quality improvement, across the globe.  We are committed to driving broad acceptance and application of photocatalytic technology to help solve significant real world problems today. By partnering with Cristal and integrating CristalACTiV™ in our products, customers can trust they are purchasing the most advanced and highest quality photocatalytic materials available on the market.”

“Cristal and PURETi will be working together to develop and promote photocatalytic innovation. We are confident that the combination of CristalACTiV™ and PURETi™ technologies sets the standard for excellence in photocatalysis that will yield trusted, game-changing results for our targeted industries. CristalACTiV™ is the leading photocatalytic technology that provides benefits to our everyday lives, from self-cleaning to depollution and deodorization. We continue to explore opportunities and applications that help us unlock the full potential of our photocatalyst technology,” said Jean-François Pasquier, Cristal’s Head of Specialty Chemicals & Materials.

About PURETi:  PURETi Group, LLC is a US manufacturer of water-based photocatalytic surface modifiers that are spray applied to any surface that sees light.  Using only the energy from UVA light, PURETi breaks down organic matter at the molecular level, producing a variety of environmental and health benefits including saving natural resources and improving air quality.  PURETi is a NASA Dual Use Technology Partner and winner of six environmental awards.  For more information on PURETi, please visit www.pureti.com.

About Cristal:  Cristal is one of the largest producers of titanium dioxide and a leading producer of titanium chemicals. Cristal is the world’s leading supplier of Ultrafine titanium dioxide products and is a fast-growing producer of mineral sands and titanium metal powder. Cristal operates seven manufacturing plants in six countries on five continents and employs nearly 4,500 people worldwide. Cristal is owned 79% by Tasnee, a listed Saudi joint stock company and 20% by Gulf Investment Corporation, a company equally owned by the six states of the Gulf Cooperation Council and headquartered in Kuwait. www.cristal.com, www.cristalactiv.com.